A Distributed Proofreaders Crossword

And now for something completely different: Hot off the Press is proud to present its very first crossword puzzle.


The crossword is based on a bit of entertaining juvenile fiction from the 1920s, Marjorie Dean: Marvelous Manager. In order to solve the puzzle, you’ll need to read the book. (Don’t worry, it’s not a heavy lift.)

There are a couple of ways you can do the puzzle. One is to solve it with the interactive version, where you simply click on a blank square, and the appropriate clue will pop up. Fill in the answer and click OK (or, if you’re inclined to peek — not that you would — click the Solve button). Clicking the Check Puzzle button at the bottom will give you the number of errors and incomplete words, in case you want to see how you’re doing. You can solve the interactive puzzle online or download the html file to solve it interactively offline.

The other way to do the puzzle, for those who prefer a good old-fashioned pencil (or, for the confident, pen), is to use the printable PDF version. And here’s the PDF answer key so you can check your solution. Or peek. Not that you would…

Happy Puzzling!

This crossword was created by FallenArchangel, a DP volunteer, using the free EclipseCrossword app.

10 Responses to A Distributed Proofreaders Crossword

  1. jjzdp says:

    Thanks Fallen. 🙂

  2. genknit says:

    I smooth-read Marjorie Dean: Marvelous Manager! How fun to see a crossword puzzle made from the book. I’m going to give it a try. Thanks, Fallen! (I also smooth-read all the other recent Marjorie Dean books. They’re easy reads, and are quite enjoyable.)

  3. bamboo says:

    Different, and most enjoyable. Thank you, FallenArchangel!

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