A 20th Anniversary Crossword

What would Distributed Proofreaders’ 20th anniversary be without a celebratory crossword?

Our latest brain-teaser is based on Good Stories for Great Birthdays, by Frances Jenkins Olcott, a prolific children’s author who became the first head of the children’s department of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh in 1898. The book, published in 1922, contains “over 200 stories celebrating 23 great birthdays of patriot-founders and upbuilders of the Republics of both North and South America. In the stories are more than 75 historical characters, men, women, and children.”

In order to solve the puzzle, first read the book – being for children, it’s an easy read. And, being an e-book, it’s searchable.

Then you can solve the puzzle in one of two ways:

  • Use the interactive version. Just click on a blank square and the corresponding clue pops up. Type in the answer and click OK (or, if you’re stumped, click the Solve button). Clicking the Check Puzzle button at the bottom gives the number of errors and incomplete words, if you want to see how you’re getting on. The interactive version can be used online or downloaded for offline solving.
  • Or, download the printable PDF version and print out the puzzle to solve it the old-fashioned way, with your favorite writing implement. Check your solution with the printable PDF answer key. No peeking! (But who’s to know?)

So enjoy a fun crossword for a great birthday – Happy 20th to Distributed Proofreaders!

This crossword was created by FallenArchangel, a Distributed Proofreaders volunteer, using the free EclipseCrossword app.

Tomorrow: DP’s Knitters Who Read have stitched up something special!

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One Response to A 20th Anniversary Crossword

  1. genknit says:

    This looks like fun, FA! Thanks for creating it for us.

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