DP Site Maintenance – 2015 Saturday 12

www.pgdp.net will be down for scheduled maintenance to upgrade the forum software starting Saturday September 12th at 2pm US Eastern. The site should be up again by 8pm US Eastern. During this time the site will be completely unavailable. Please note that although the scheduled outage period is six hours, the expectation is closer to four hours.

We’ll keep this blog post updated with progress during the outage. You can also find us in the pgdp Jabber conference room (pgdp@conference.jabber.org).


Update 2:03pm: Maintenance has started.

Update 3:00pm: Forum conversion progressing as expected. The system is working through 830k forum posts at the moment.

Update 4:00pm: 80% done with the forum posts then the system starts on the 300k private messages — we’re a chatty bunch!

Update 5:00pm: The forum posts are behind us and we’re half way through the private messages.

Update 5:59pm: Database conversion is finished and we’re now busy doing final forum configuration changes and tweaks.

Update 7:02pm: We’re almost done and are putting the finishing touches on it now. We expect to have it completed and the site up well within the next hour.

Update 7:46pm: Site is back up and operational, thank you for your patience!

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