Friday Update on our DP Server Status

As of 7pm EST Thursday, the new server is in place at the hosting site and squirrels other than donovan have been able to access the system and begin the last stages of configuration, tweaking, validation, etc.

So far, the majority of the site is functioning as expected, with the exception of the wiki, possibly the mailing lists, and some mail functions. Our current focus is to ensure that all the back-end infrastructure is in place and correctly configured.

We’ll continue to provide updates on our progress and expect DP to be back in business fairly soon.

Thanks again for your patience! We’re definitely getting closer!


14 Responses to Friday Update on our DP Server Status

  1. Bess Richfield says:


  2. F E H says:

    Fabulous news – I can almost feel the jubilation brewing around the DP community!! Keep up the good work – we are all with you. Fiona

  3. SigneyForager says:

    Fantastic! Thank you so much for all the hard work, everybody!

  4. LCantoni says:

    Wonderful! Thanks to all who are working so hard, and thanks for keeping us informed!

  5. kdsworld says:

    I guess the logical progression would be “fantabulous”! I’ve been through exercises like this, and I must say the clientele was usually distinctly less supportive and patient. It shows that homework has been getting done daily (backups etc) and that these systems are well-managed. Good work.

  6. Miller says:

    Go, Team, Go! Chocolate chip cookies, brownies, champagne, hot chocolate, coffee and peanut coladas on the counter. Do sleep. Remember to blink often.

    • Janet says:

      I like the way you think! Is there a specific order preferred?
      Better get your dancing shoes on!!! 8-D

  7. Bel says:

    Well, email notifications seem to work–I just got a topic reply notification: “General Manager: Updates and Announcements”

    Great work all. 😀

  8. You’ve probably got this on a todolist somewhere already, but just in case you haven’t; there are systems on the server that work with a countdown. For instance: “DP: Status update needed for 1 project checked out for PPing over 90 days.” These would need to be given some extra time or perhaps even reset.

    (I realize projects won’t get taken away from me without somebody first asking ‘what’s wrong?’, so maybe the above is a bad example.)

  9. rpc says:

    Can’t wait!

  10. Awesome!!! Thanks for updating so often.

  11. Old_Prof_TX says:

    I am almost to the point of going down to Half-Price Books and browsing for some small caps to mark!

  12. Walt (wfarrell) says:

    And, we’re back online.

  13. Bel says:

    Yes, I noticed only just now when I found three topic reply notifications in my spam folder (which was a first).
    Great work, all!

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